Luv & Amisha’s Engagement Party

May 19, 2020

Two of my favorite things are weddings and wine. I don’t partake in those things at the same time. Especially since I value my clients and their time.

However, when I got the opportunity to shoot an engagement party at a winery my two worlds came together in such an extraordinary way.

Luv and Amisha coordinated such a wonderful event to celebrate their engagement with family and friends. The place they picked for their engagement celebration is called Beneduce Vineyards located in Pittstown, New Jersey. I highly recommend this venue.

They were wonderful. The location was beautiful. The rain tried to stop us but nothing could put a damper on the day. We took shots in the rain and then focused on the party inside.

After an hour or so, the clouds passed and the sun came out. The resulting images were just simply stunning.




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