Hi everyone, I'm Shanta Covington!
I'm a big fan of good conversation, films, and great photography. I believe in giving you high-end quality while keeping the vibes stress-free and dare I say, FUN. 
I'm a storyteller with 20+ years of experience in media. I know how to capture YOU through powerful and emotional images and video. 
I mean it when I say that I capture love-filled days and awesome souls. 
Everyone deserves to have their story told and it would be an honor for me to tell yours. 

catch me in action


I've always been a visual person. It might have to do with being a latch-key kid when my favorite past-times included TV, movies and drawing from a very young age. Let's just say I knew how to keep myself occupied. I also adore a good exhibit and art show. I'm not afraid to let my nerd flag fly. I know who I am. I like to see and create beautiful, quality images. I almost went to art school but I couldn't convince mi mama on that one. A brief interest in advertising led to a nearly 20 year career in television. 

I'm grateful for my time in TV because it led me to photography. Well actually, it led me back to it because if truth be told photography was always there. Art was always there. Storytelling was always there. It's why I'm drawn to wedding and branding photography. They are different but the same in that I get to work with wonderful people, and I also get to tell their stories visually. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I know I'm so lucky to do this. When I say thank you for giving me the honor of telling your story, I absolutely mean it.

the photog behind the lens

a closer look at

Life is about stories. The story of your love. The story behind your passion. The story of how you braved your fears to become who you are now.
In my opinion, nothing captures that better than a photo or video. The visual medium has a way of telling a story that's unrivaled.
It's the look you give one another post-wedding or even during the ceremony. We might even a capture a little of that magic as you smile confidently right at the camera to let people know who and what you're all about. 
I love to collaborate and make magic with you. I want your images to be something that you can cherish and look at with a smile for years to come. 
Great photography lets you relive the best moments of your life over and over again.
Great photography lets you tell the world, I'm here and ready to take it on. 
Let's create that great photography together. 
Let's tell your story to the world in a way that they'll never forget.
I'll be here waiting to capture that for you.

let me tell your story.

MY philosophy


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