Melissa and Adam’s Engagement Shoot

I know that I work with some of the best people and these two I’m about to introduce you to are no exception.

I never miss a shoot. Ever. I’ve walked to a shoot with a fracture in my foot and also shot in a torrential downpour.

But this time, I ate bad food or had some sort of stomach bug which put me down for the count, literally on the bathroom floor. I missed my shoot with the wonderful Adam and Melissa.

Fortunately, they gave me a second chance.

And I’m so glad they did. They were troopers through and through even in the cold weather that day  (yes this was late last year) they kept the mood light and their love was on full display.

I thank them for giving me a second chance as well as keeping the mood light and upbeat.

Thank you to Melissa and Adam for awesome vibes and a second chance.


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