Jenny and Simon’s Prospect Park Wedding

May 5, 2020

Full disclosure, I love shooting weddings in parks and outdoor settings. I LOVE IT. There is nothing quite like being outside and capturing a wedding against a beautiful backdrop.

Enter Jenny and Simon.

Enter Prospect Park.

Jenny and Simon get married in Prospect Park

Jenny and Simon get married in Prospect Park

I was excited when they told me their plan of tying the knot in Prospect Park. I mean how lucky can a lady get?

There are a number of lovely locations throughout the park, and they do not disappoint. I normally scout all of my locations beforehand, and spent a full day re-scouting the park to make sure I chose the best spots.

The best thing of all is that they wanted their photos done before the ceremony. Yes, you read that correctly. It is this photographer’s dream to shoot before the vows, because it takes so much pressure off of everyone who just wants to party post-ceremony.

As you’ll see below we created wonderful photographic memories all around the park.

What’s more is that they did their family photos before the ceremony and included their awesome puppy. Yes, I am a sucker for a cute pooch.

I HIGHLY recommend shooting outdoors. Yes there are drawbacks, but when you get photos like these it is well worth it. And, we made sure to get some great images post ceremony in two other awesome locations.

Here’s to one lovely wedding and an equally awesome couple.



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